Give Me A Glorious Death

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On Having No Fear of Death

The fear of death is both peculiar and understandable. The crossing into the unknown can be a fearsome endeavor for even the more steely characters among us. Not knowing is one of the main causes of fear, as the mind has a way of being more creative than the reality of a given situation….particularly when it comes to danger.

On Having No Joy of Life

The Gods exist as they always have and always will, but have they lived? Save for observing and interfering in the lives of the mortals, where do they find joy? Is it a case of mortals seeking the favor of the Gods or of the Gods granting their favor to mortals for their own amusement and entertainment? To give them that happiness which mortals seem to find with regularity, but the Gods may never know. Perhaps this jealousy is what fuels the never ending destruction and the release of death that gives mortals the added beauty of a life lived fully with adventures and vigor. Is it the lack of joy on the part of the Gods that creates the beauty of mortal existence? Perhaps they generate situations that reveal the fragile beauty of the human condition so that they may live vicariously through them, anything that makes the Ancient ones forget that they are immortal — no matter how briefly.

Epilogue: Eternity Is Brief

Eternity is brief.



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